• High Street Kensington penthouse

    High Street Kensington penthouse

    A spacious new 5 bedroom 3891 sqft Penthouse located within the exclusive new development by St Edwards, 375 Kensington High…

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  • George street apartment

    George street apartment

    A truly magnificent, newly renovated luxury third and fourth floor maisonette in a purpose build block in the heart of…

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  • Flat in Knightsbridge

    Flat in Knightsbridge

    Very old Basement flat remodelled to a luxury modern flat with new layout and bespoke kitchen and bathroom including installing…

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  • Le Menar Restaurant

    Le Menar Restaurant

    Based in London’s Fitzrovia Le Menar is using a modern approach to north African cuisine. The restaurant is designed to…

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  • La Grenadine Restaurant

    La Grenadine Restaurant

    Located in London, this charming restaurant which opens on a pretty garden was renovated for an updated look.    

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  • Portman Square apartment

    Portman Square apartment

    The owner of the property who commissioned us on this project was keen to be luxury and modern with the…

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  • South Adley Street Apartment

    South Adley Street Apartment

    Boasting two double bedrooms, large kitchen, spacious living and dining areas, we created a luxurious classic contemporary scheme with accents…

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  • Luxury Penthouse Apartment in Knightsbridge

    Luxury Penthouse Apartment in Knightsbri

    We are happy to present this design proposal for a Luxury Penthouse Apartment in Knightsbridge. The property owner was keen…

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  • Portman Square Apartment

    Portman Square Apartment

    The aim was to create a stylish yet relaxed apartment layout which would appeal to a future residents. This 3…

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  • Classic Interior Design Penthouse Apartment in Knightsbridge

    Classic Interior Design Penthouse Apartm

    This classic design proposal is characterised by consistency, symmetry, rigor and elegance.

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  • Green Street Mayfair Flat

    Green Street Mayfair Flat

    19th century, 3200 square-foot flat entirely remodelled with beautiful Victorian details and Swarovski crystals.

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  • 0bc0c7af5fa8303ad86bdb06bd604f135

    Conceptual Bakery Design Proposal

    This conceptual design proposal was created for a new chain of bakeries in London.

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