Heating and Plumbing
Heating and Plumbing

Looking for a London plumber or central heating specialist? MS Contractor is your local expert plumber dedicated to provid the best results. You receive personalised service as we discuss your problem, offer a range of options, and let you choose the best one that fits your immediate needs and budget.


1.Installation and replacement of pipes.

2. Replacement and repair of mixers.

3. Installation of sinks and toilets.

4. Installation and assembly of shower cabins.

5. Installation and installation of a water heater.

6. Bath installation and assembly.

7. Installation and assembly of dishwashers.

8. Installation and assembly of washing machines.


1. Solid fuel boilers.

2. Gas boilers.

3. Electric boilers.

4. Underfloor Heating.

5. Boiler room installation.

6. Installation of heating points.

7. Installation of a heated towel rail.

8. Heating installation in apartments and houses.

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