MS Contractor has extensive experience and can offer high-quality and durable roof installation and the sale of elite high-quality roofing materials. The roof is the main component of any home, it must be reliable and able to protect from the unpredictable local climate. This is what the company’s specialists rely on and ensure the installation of the roof, which will help to preserve it for many years.

We are always ready to commit ourselves to the construction of a roof, which will not only be a protective element for your home, but also become its main decoration.

Our services include:

1. Accurate calculation of materials.

2. Visit of a specialist to the object, taking measurements.

3. The choice of material, taking into account the project and customer preferences.

4. Calculation of the number of materials and additional elements, budgeting.

5. Close control of the work progress.

Installation roofing works in our company includes:

1. dismantling the old roof.

2. repair of a damaged and deformed roof.

3. complete reconstruction of the roof.

4. vapour barrier, waterproofing.

5. roof insulation.

6. installation of roofing material: natural tiles, metal tiles, flexible tiles.

7. installation of additional elements (ridge and cornice elements, fasteners, abutment elements, etc.).

8. installation of a ventilation system.

9. installation of a snow retention system.

10. installation of security systems on the roof.

11. filing off cornice and pediment overhangs.

12. installation of a drainage system.

13. installation of roof windows and attic stairs.

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