Interior Design
Interior Design

MS Contractor professional design team are based in London. We create unique interiors for our clients, applying an individual approach to each. Your comfort is priority for us, so we take on all the responsibilities for design, repair, construction and communication with suppliers. We will help you choose the style of your premises and, based on your desires and needs, create a dream interior for you.

Steps for developing interior design project:

1.Planing Solution

A logical and well-thought-out plan layout of your premises is already 50% of successful interior. In this stage, you will get a several options of planing layouts to choose. The designer works out the space, taking into account the wishes of all family members, thinks over the functionality of each square meter.

2. 3D Interior Visualisation

Before the start of rendering, the designer will offer mood-board collages of your future interior. After that, you will receive a designer’s proposal in the form of photorealistic images. We will show the interior from all necessary angles. Making edits, adding elements that have long dreamed of – all these experiments can be done now to avoid costly stylistic mistakes later. Here is a preliminary selection of finishing materials, furniture, lighting.

3. Working Documentation

In this stage design turns into drawings verified to the millimetre, which is important for developing the project avoiding any mistakes and run project smoothly. Drawings include: Measurement plan, Dismantling plan, Installation plan, Redevelopment plan, Redevelopment plan with furniture placement, Redevelopment plan with furniture arrangement with dimensions, Doors and windows layout drawings, Plumbing layout drawings, Electrical layout drawings etc.

4. Specification

You receive a detailed document providing a list of points regarding a product or process. This is a list of all required dimensions, environmental factors, ergonomic factors, aesthetic factors, maintenance that will be needed, furniture, lighting, sockets, switches that were planned in the design project.

5. Supervision of Construction

When builders have additional questions during the repair process – we help to solve them during the field supervision of the construction site. We control the purchase and supply of all materials, furniture, lighting fixtures, track the deadlines and take over communication with suppliers and builders.

6. Interior Decorating

Details are everything! Selection of fabrics for curtains, pillows, bedspreads, control of sewing, purchase of dishes, decor, everything up to printing your photos and placing them in the interior. We want you to enjoy such a dear, cozy and only your home, where it is better than anywhere in the world!

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