4 Ways to Add A Gym to Your House in London

House gym may be the best way to motivate you to commit to your exercises.

Whether if you do not have time to hit the gym, or just do not like to go, house gym will be a private, and in your house space to practice and stay fit.

You will only need space, equipment that fit your practicing style, and a speaker for your motivating music.

There are many possible ways to add gym to your house, take a look at the next ways, and then; check your house space to figure out the best way for you.

1. A gym extension:

Adding a new space by an extension is the best way to build up house gym if you do not have the needed spare space.

Moreover; this is a flexible solution where you can add space as you need to build your dream gym, whether; you are a professional body builder who needs the huge equipment, or just; playing to stay fit.

And; with the freedom of high-head height this is perfect if you are a rock-climbing player, where you could easily fit a climbing-wall as you like.

2. Loft house gym:

If you are looking into a way to add gym space, and you do not already have a loft conversion, then turning it into a house gym is a great solution.

You only need to add a window if not installed, a storage space for equipment, and will end-up with a gym space, that has an awesome view.

However; you should consider checking loft floor statics, if you are going to use heavy equipment to see if it could handle it, and if any action needs to be taken before, moreover; installing a floor insulation to protect your house from practice noises.

3. Basement house gym:

Turning your basement space into a house gym is an amazing solution if you are a sport player with heavy equipment.

In this way, you will be already in an isolated space, and sport noises will not bother anyone.

Though; you should consider installing a good ventilation system as there are no windows, and a wall painting that will help you stay motivated.

Adding a wall of glass to split up basement space is an answer for you if you have extra basement space, that you need to use in another way.

4. Shed gym:

Playing sport is a great way to boost health, both physical and mental one, moreover; building a shed in your garden is a way to add glazed gym space, if you cannot free-up any house space.

Think of it as playing sport in your garden, and at the same time, protected from weather conditions.

Shed gym, is great if you do yoga, that gym space will give you, your needed sanctuary to do yoga and relax.

More than that; you can add space as you need to create your perfect gym space.  

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