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2021 Pros and Cons of Granite Worktops in London

Till now; Granite worktops is the most famous choice for kitchens, and bathrooms worktops in London.

Granite worktop is famous for many reasons, nonetheless; the luxury feeling added to any room.

Granite is coming from a natural rock, that has been cut and polished for home use, which will give each piece a unique look.

To help you, make your decision, here is a list of pros and cons to consider:

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  • Natural Stone:
    It is always a great choice to have a natural stone placed in your kitchen, that will not only; add an alive touch to your space, but also; a 100% organic and safe material.
  • Durable:
    When talking about life time lasting worktops, immediately; the answer will be granite, thatonly need to be sealed correctly when installed, and to be checked regularly, but otherwise it will last forever.
  • Scratch and Heat resistance:
    On the first hand; when having a granite worktop, it is better to use a chopping board to protect your knife not worktops.
    On the other hand; granite is a high heat resistance material, that can be placed near oven, moreover; handle placing a hot pan directly with no harm.
  • Unique:
    Granite uniqueness comes from the natural rock being sliced into slabs that each one has its own line, colour, and texture style, but still comes in one soul.
  • Shiny:
    With just a soap, and hot water you can keep granite worktops clean, and shiny, which is kind of important for daily used surfaces.
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  • Limited choices:
    Granite does not have a large colour choices, moreover; because that each piece is different and unique, a granite worktop should be done around the piece itself, so; it is not that simple to design with granite.
  • Expensive:
    This is so far; the worst thing about granite, comparing to other materials, it is really expensive, moreover; needs professional workers to shape and install.
  • Cold to touch:
    This is a more personal cons, some people may feel it and some not, however; this is a simply solved problem with a stick-on heating mat under worktops surface.
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