Solved! Mould Removal Solutions in London

Mould removal, should be an emergency that we handle immediately, and not ignore, otherwise; mould will spread, moreover; effect our health, and destroy wall decoration.

But; first and before doing a mould removal solution, the reason of the problem must be figured out and treated properly, or; the mould will come back, and you will be running in circles.


Where it could happen?

We could face this problem in:

  • Corners.
  • Spots with high moisture.
  • Dark rooms, where there is no sun light, or natural ventilation.
  • Where ever there is unfixed plumbing problem.
  • Or; after a house flood.

How to do mould removal?

On the first hand; if the mould space is under 1 meter square, there are many effective DIY friendly ways to fix mould problem.

Any of those ways could work perfectly due to mould type, such as;

  • Vinegar for mould removal: first mix 80% of vinegar to 20% of water, then dip a microfiber sheet in it, then scrub the spot till you make sure you remove all of it, and keep it till dry.
  • The baking soda: has many uses in our houses, including mould removal. Add one-quarter tablespoon to a spray bottle of water, then spray the mould spot, and scrub with a brush till removal, and wash it with water.
  • Hydrogen peroxide: is an anti-fungal solution, that treat mould and could work on many surfaces. Pour 3% (to 10%) of Hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle, spray it on spot, leave it for 10 minutes, then scrub it till removal.

On the other hand; if the effected space is more than 1 square meter, then you definitely need an expert help.

Over 1 square meter mould; means that most likely there is a leaking problem, that need to be fixed first, then there are many professional steps that need to be done properly with especial tools, in order; to prevent mould from coming back.

Eventually; doing an appropriate mould removal is essential to enjoy a healthy house, more than that; do not forget to check your house’s health regularly, and do not be shy to contact us at MS Contractor when ever you need a professional help.

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