House Extension in Exeter

5 Stages to Do A Perfect House Extension in Exeter

A house extension is Exeter citizens best solution, when they need extra house space, without moving out.

Which is kind of perfect, especially that; you get to keep your house, save yourself all moving troubles, and; be able to stay in the neighbourhood you like.

However; keep yourself fully informed about all house extension required facts, to get use of all the process possible benefits, more than that; our MS Contractor Exeter team advise you to take the next stages in the same order for a smooth, and a comfortably effective process.

floor plan

1-Plan well:

A good planed house extension means that you decide what you need in particular, and plan every part on that basic, like: how big you need your extension, moreover; you must read Exeter city guide for extensions, all of that; will help your process to be accurate and efficient.

More than that; after setting your mind, you need to contact a professional architect to study and prepare the needed drawings, whether; you are going to extend a room space or add a total new room.


2-Prepare the site:

Before starting a house extension, you need to make sure that your land ground is prepared by doing any required excavation and cleaning work early, moreover; you have to make sure that you have good access for workers and equipment.

On the other hand; you need to protect your already build space to avoid repairs after finishing the extension.


3-Start building:

The actual house extension stage starts with foundations and walls building, roof installing, and doors and windows installing, all those elements will gather together to create the extension shape.

However; choosing building materials is as important as the other points, to give your extension durability and well resistance, and keep in mind; if you wish to avoid planning permission, you have to use the same building materials as the rest of the house.

4-Installing facilities:

After finishing house extension construction, it is now the time to install all the required facilities to make the space habitable, for what you are planning to use it for.

But; for sure you will need electricity and heating system to be installed, and a plumbing system will be required if your extension will be a kitchen, or a bathroom.

Nonetheless; the more professional job you have in this stage the less maintenance work you will need in the future.

interior design

5-Interior design:

Now; the fun stage of house extension, here is where you can do what you like from colour choosing, furniture style, wall painting, and even; pictures, to end up with the interior design you like, to enjoy your added space in the most possible way.

However; it is not a bad idea to consider the rest of the house design when decorating, whether; you are adding a house office, a new bedroom, or even; a house gym.

if you have a project in Exeter, MS Contractor has a complete house refurbishment service in Exeter. Contact us to get A house extension is Exeter.

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