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All You Need to Know About Underfloor Heating in London

Underfloor heating in London popularity is coming bigger day by day, especially with the cozy feeling it creates, more than that; the free wall space.

Even that; underfloor heating is a central underfloor system, but it can be controlled separately in each room, moreover; you can install it just in one room, if you are doing an extension. 

What does Underfloor Heating means?

Underfloor heating is a warming system installed beneath the floor, turning your whole floor space into a radiator, warming up the room by waves of heat rising up through the air.

UFH mainly comes in two different types:

wire system underfloor

Wire System: that works by installing wires, or matts underfloor, and generates heat by electricity.
Even so; this is the cheapest UFH system to install, but it is three times more costing while working.
However; Wire system, is suitable and can be installed in any room, due to its flatten matt, and wires.

Radiant Floor Heating

Wet system: which is a group of plastic pipes located underfloor, that are connected to a central boiler that pushes hot water in the pipes to warm up a room.
Wet system is most likely to be used with new constructed floor, or where there is a possibility to take up floor.

Both of the two systems, are controllable in each room by separated thermostat, and can warm up the house equally, in a better way than air conditioner or wall radiators. 

Pros of Underfloor Heating in London:

  • More free space:
    Underfloor heating system is the most space efficient system that free up walls, and do not cost any foot space.
  • Suitable for all floors:
    UFH works with all floor types, whether you decided to go with stone, marble, or even wood.
  • Fast heating:
    This system heats up the house faster than any other heating system, it just needs 20 minutes.
  • Equally heating:
    Because it covers all the floor spots, it will warm all the floor equally, and you will not find any cold spots.
  • Thermostat control:
    By which you can control each room heat individually, even with wet system.
  • Safe and Comfortable:
    With this system you will not worry about hot surfaces, especially; with kids in the house, moreover; it only needs a button switch to turn on. 

Cons of Underfloor Heating in London:

  • Installing time:
    This system needs professional installing, and the process will take time to be done properly, however; it is better to take time and install professionally, than having to do repairs later.
    Moreover; if it is a wet system then you need a central boiler to warm water and push it around.
  • Installing cost:
    Even so; it is a low-cost running system, but it really cost to install, however; wet system is cheaper to run than wire system, but it costs a lot more to install.
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