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Common Plumbing Problems in London

Common plumbing problems in London are silent and do not come out till the breaking point, such as; going to take a shower, and no hot water goes down the shower’s sink, more than that; becoming an emergency. 

Silent plumbing problems signs to notice:

  1. Unclear water coming down of your faucet, could indicates many issues, for example; if water is cloudy so there is air in your pipes, if it is yellow, or brown, so there is rust in the pipes, on the other hand; if the house is old, and you have green water, there is corrosion in copper pipes, which need to be fixed quickly.
  2. Bubbling paint, this a sign of moist, which means that you have a leaking problem.
  3. High water bills, if this is the first one, and you have not done anything new, so there is a leaking problem somewhere in the house.
  4. No water in winter which means you have a problem with the pipes’ insulation and need to be fixed immediately.

Most Common Plumbing Problems in London

fixing tap dripping

Dripping Faucets:
This is the most common issue, that for sure; has happened to any homeowner.
One dropper second cost you 2600 gal in the year, that is a lot of water losing, moreover; added to your water bill, this is an easy fix do not ignore it.

draining problem in london

Slow Draining:
You could face this problem with sinks, or tubs, this is simply caused by blocked sink pop-up, tub drain. This issue is a DIY task, that will take no time, and be fixed immediately.

plumbing pipes

Leaking Pipes:
Leaking pipes is the most harmful problem to your house. This could affect your furniture, floor, and walls, more than that; moist area encourages bugs growth.

Defective Water Heater:
The problem here is, that you may not notice it till you are in the shower, and, there is not any hot water. Many faults could cause this issue but, for this one you definitely need a professional help.

Weak Water Pressure:
This is most likely to happened in an old house. Weak water pressure could be caused by pipes leaking or broken. On the other hand; could be caused by clogged aerator, which you can handle yourself. 

plumbing tools

DIY Plumbing Tips:

The key to plumbing problems is to be careful from previous bad repairs, it will not hurt to have a professional number nearby for emergency, moreover; to check the below list regularly:

  1. Sinks:
    Check to see if there is any dripping, low pressure, slow draining, pipes linking, or water’s color changing.
  2. Toilets:
    Check for any water leaking.
  3. Dishwasher:
    Do not forget this used a lot machine, take a minute, and notice it while working, if there is any slowness in filing, or draining, you will need to check the hoses for clogs.
  4. Washing Machine:
    Do not forget to look at hoses’ connection state, check the cold, and hotwater hoses, that provide your machine with water.
  5. Water Heater:
    Look for any water leaking around it, or in the pipes, and do not forget to hire a professional cleaning service every few years to handle its cleaning.
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