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New Developments in London 2021

New year has started, bringing with it a lot of new developments starting in London. New developments bring to any city rather the country in total, new spirit, and vital beginnings, that pushes every aspect of the community’s life forward to the future.

Numbers had spoken telling us about all the new building happening in UK, in all kind of construction, housing, or even industrial ones.

For us in MS Contractor, even it was a tough year, but it was full of great projects with awesome customers, giving us the needed boost to start the new year with enthusiasm.

Now, hopefully, will be more projects and houses building to meet government target and, get over housing crisis.

Are you thinking of your new house development, if so; there are essential things to take care of:

floor plan

Interior Design

Your house design, should definitely start up from you, your personality, your point of view, and the colours you like, because the most important thing about your house design, that it should reflect out your test in life, moreover; it should be your safe heaven. 

To accomplish that; the interior design should achieve all the essential points you want, more than that; with the right architecture study, it should give you the right use of the area you have, in order to fill all your needs in your dream house.

sand clock


What a house for, if you do not feel it could stay with you forever.

Sustainability, with furniture, wallpaper, or even your floor tiles is so important, and we in MS Contractor take good care of all details to give you your forever house with the correct furniture and materials.

We even take care of your house refurbishment when you need to, to keep your house fancy and elegant like when it was new, with all the details you can think of, from heating and plumping, painting and decoration, flooring, to roofing.

smart home


One of the most effective features of new houses or projects, that it could efficiently have all the new techniques you need, which is something undoable in old building.

With now a day; new building, you can make whatever you wish for, true with the right study and technique, which means easier life, smarter houses, happier people.

Efficiency, is something we promise our clients to have with MS Contractor.


Quality is something that come naturally with all the things we talked about above.

Starting with architecture study of the available area, to using the best available materials in walling, furnishing, lightning, and floor tiles, giving you in the end, all together, the life quality you deserve.

Specially; when you deal with respectful and majestic company, such as MS Contractor, with over 15 years of real-life experience, and a powerful team of specialist in every little detail.

Eventually; new development world is huge, and getting bigger each day, so do not left your life behind, and hup on the train.

Here; in MS Contractor, we have all the necessary tools and extensive experience to develop your design project to the smallest detail. This will guarantee that your completed new builds are compliant with the local laws, and regulations, and that your project has been executed according to your specifications.

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